Your Spam

This section is designed to help you gain a better understanding of the nature of spam. It should be noted the 80% of ALL spam is generated by mismanaged computers. Doing updates manually every day for your Anti Virus and Windows Update, will help to bring this percentage down considerably

If you have our spam filter you can go to Log in with your user name and password. Be sure NOT to put at the end of your user name. Once inside, you will see a link at the top of the page for Spam List Manager. In there you will see a place to adjust your spam level. Be sure to click on "Update Level" when you are done. As you tighten the spam level you may notice legitimate mail getting blocked. To avoid this, you will need to begin managing your black and white list.

Our spam filter will check the white and black list before it checks for spam. By adding some to the white list, you will allow any attachments they send to come to you, including viruses. If you add an email address to the black list you will stop that address from even coming to your inbox. To add emails, you will need to enter their entire email address (case sensitive) in the box then click on "Add New"